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of thick yellow pus, which gave bacteriologically a pure culture of
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cal Association was held in the City of Montreal on the
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the tube was obliterated, and as a consequence the haemor-
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characteristic has probably been observed by thousands
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way, and this is the source of the hemorrhage in certain cases of apoplexy
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with one of the nurses. He tried to tell what was the matter, but
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in some cases for days." Mr. S. and Mr. H. also had nausea,
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which he found there in all the forms of the disease.
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nature of things — for tracing effects back to their causes. He early
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were accepted and were brought sufficiently near completion by January 1, 1879,
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Ihat the insensibility of asphyxia comes on in the most insidious manner in
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you with the leg drawn up until the patient has much the attitude of
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The character, extent, and size of the lesion has much to do
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them for the presence of bacilli only by a very fine and most expensive
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LXIV) believes the following conclusions are justi-
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Times & Gaz., Lond., 1856, n. s,, xii, 196-198.— Stirling
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upon another. In fifteen years, to my own knowledge, he never
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antiseptic precautions; strength of spray, one to eighty.
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Including a Hand-Book of Special Bacteriologic Diagnosis. By PROF.
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and cotton. For several years he was su)ierintendent of the
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being colorless depended for its differentiation on the con-
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the other, sprue is an infection. From personal ob-
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This Table was commenced by my former able resident physician,
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proceeding from one of the foci in the brain, and telling in-
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Kingdom Hales and Dutrochet's experiment — The Circulation of some of the
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afterwards, and no hindrance to the administration of food ;
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disulph. gr. j. ; est. colch. acet. gr. \; ext. aloes aq. gr. j.
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of the eye.] Przegl. lek., Krakow, 1895, xxxiv, 705 ; 720. —
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