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3rd. Pain-Killer will cure Cramps or Pains in any part of the

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lovfeOres ijaitncce,- and the argument he states for this arrange-

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dulness, displacement of the heart's apex, and heaving powerful impulse.

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indications, while the results of vaginal examination usually give a

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powerful doses than can be applied therapeutically is somewhat in-

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of a diastolic aortic murmur in which at several subsequent examinations

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like flies on the wing, appear before the patient's eyes : he attempts

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of Friends, and from his parents the son inherited his birthright

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Dosage and Administration: Apply sufficient quantity to cover

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are deficient. This class includes about 8 per cent.

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the loss of vision might be due, not to division of both

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ment with different vessels, and found the coagulation most

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brous formation" — that is to say, to cicatrization and healing.

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Nursery and Child's Hospital, the Colored Home and Hos-

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account of its food value. Upon discharge April 28, 1916, she

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J Patient presented before the New York Neurological Society, May

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situated more deeply the local lesion cannot be reached by the fingers.

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gen of the combustible gases were determined. On the extremely

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smooth and fairly normal in colour. The thirty-third paracentesis is

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which most reliance was to be placed was the prompt

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pupils to light very sluggish, convergence active ; analgesia

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frightening dreams. Older children may partly remember them, but

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water ; when thus softened, it may be moulded to the shape of

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S/142 Direct Coronary Artery Surgery for One Year Without An Opera-

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Following this proposition to its logical conclusion on

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duces a feeling of ' drawing together ' of the bowels, sometimes

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regarded as rash and unnecessary frequency in operating, where

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to be forced by the respirator}' acts against the chink of the glottis, and to be

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be taken for the destruction of tuberculosis cattle and that all

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is, of course, bad, as is seen to be the case in chronic Bright's disease ; it is

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modern predictions, the lamb was not in the stomach of the

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afford, I say, a most important subject of meditation for the physician,

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life — with sincerity, with intelligence, with dignity of effort,

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suffer a lesion, that shall implicate the nerves of motion, or of

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certainly an Important fact, and led Dr. Pym to emplo}

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