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tration in particular, my experience leads me to consider leeches,

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Executive of the United States was going to make them

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Sept. '23. — Caseofan Affection of the factory Xtrvr,icith tutuUoss of Smell

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here in the reduction of long-standing cases of inverted uterus. Nothing

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seems to explain these transition forms of ventricular complexes more satis-

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15, sometimes 'li) grains, never exceeding that dose,

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dilatation denotes the loss of irritability of the cardiac muscle and

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the Gambian Protectorate^ during the winter of 1902, died from definite sleeping-

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Sevmour Haden, F.R.C.S. (in conjunciion with Mr. Lane,

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near objects favors near sight, while looking far out and away, over

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passes through sol. z (in M), and in combination with sulphuret-

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when he was seized with a very severe pain in his hip, which so increased

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onl}^ during and shortly after the febrile attack, but also during the

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For obtaining the involution-form appearance one should transfer

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note ; it is scarcely possible that jjericarditis coming on just at

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in 45 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis as well as in pneumonia and

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edge and power, but never contradict or supersede it, nor are

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cord, woidd, it appears to me, leave the question of hanging during life de-

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including North Carolina and Tennessee and all states south of

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other books on the subject mainly in the extraordinary amount of

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long and slender ; his body should be strong and firm in its

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and biemafo.Malpinx. Med. Press & Circ, Lond., 1896. n. s.,

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continental authors Pellicer, Muiioz, and Cantii. The editing

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Sm-all Round-Cell Sarcoma. — All sarcomata are principally com-

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intensivists, or they have received “special certification”

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of infants who are born of mothers suffering from vaginal inflamma-

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attaining a certain measure, and yet this measure admits neither weight

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artery and jugular vein respectively. These canulfE are connected with

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cet. Lend., 1888. i. 1248.— Ciievallereau (A.) B16pharo-

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pounds in weight, and was blanched in appearance. He would

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microscopical and bacteriological examination to prove the diagnosis,

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twitches were very frequent. They occurred once in every two or

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early stages, but it was obtained as late as the fourth and eighth week of

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medical achievement, and indomitable activity should

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will lurk in the blood of a cow as well as in a human. If the

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Jan. 1, 1901, cash bal. on hand 15,512.23 — Treas.

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The patient was a primipara, 23 years of age, with a con-

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these reasons, other anodynes, such as hyoscyamus, conium, belladonna, and

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for the tubercle bacillus by the ordinary methods, and by animal in-

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person whom he meets; another, worn out by poverty and destitution, destroys

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obstructed almost to suffocation, and attended with a wheezing and whist-

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tent, in the school buildings, yet on the whole, the rural school ranks

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