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must necessarily follow that the hygiene of pregnancy will

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may be due to enhanced coronary artery vasoconstriction, as

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could, and in doing so a large number of these little bright

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There are cases in which the ocular palsies of diabetes may be the

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provide tliemselves with the remedy and carry it with

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very emaciated in a prolonged attack, and also in a middle-aged

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subacute, and chronic abscesses; the distinction, however, is quite

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in place, diseased bases of tonsils with enlarged crypts that will hold

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thumb put up in full extension. If the shoulder muscles are

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tinguishes the litigation that for several years has been the chief

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Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Penn-

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everybody residing in this city or only passing through)

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prevalence of smallpox. We have seen nothing within the sphere of our obser-

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appearances which he witnessed were extreme emaciation, total absorption of

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fractures of the skull from the average of 50 per cent of most hospitals

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Art. III. — Surgical Reports. By George H. Porter, M.D.,

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near London told me some time ago that he feared ever a^ain

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bearing down sensation in the lower part of the abdo-

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to the present time it has been observed almost exclusively in women.

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aphasia generally continues. There may, however, be more or less improve-

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5. Name the physical signs of acute dilatation of the

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Cells of hypoglossal nucleus (hsemotoxylin-eosin). Changes described under

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came adherent, and around it was formed an islet of cicatrix. I have repeated this

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tain their hypoglycemic effect. Their degree of activ-

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vitreous mass, which is cracked upon its surface, and formed at the expense

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for reflection, and so much that is original, as to more than justify the

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the free alkali present in the healthy tissue, absent from the

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lamfestly deleterious action, would seem to be somewhere between one tenth

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dences of hysteria; she was somewhat frightened the first day, but afterwards

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Dose: Two globules in a teaspoonful of water, night and morning, for

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complete development there will be a certain number of symptoms

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