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[the case referred to at foot-note of page 220] that the mitral valve was studded
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cat to cat; some received the rapid injection first and later the
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illness in a family is a frightening prospect, but, if it does happen, a person should at least be protecte]
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Dr. Gross is Associate Professor of Medicine. Section
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clammy, and the pulse and respiration are hurried, terminating at times in
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known for years that these diseases were eating into our civilization like
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Address as follows: Medical Library Service, Service Memorial Institute Building, North Charter
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dicted as clins-ino: to an outworn curriculum, whose onlv effect
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neglect or belittled by the contempt of pedants, for
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be able to use the hand to a surprising extent, according to
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cer, Miss Elizabeth Frye is taking an active interest in this work, and
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kg dose. This study also demonstrated that there were no
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increased be ond its normal limits. Xo tumor can be
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from the artificial wound causes so much distress and dis-
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pharynx, though always with a central orifice which may be very small and canse
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neoplasm, their size, form, method of attachment, color, position, anatomi-
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of the iris are impeded. Headache and feverish disturbance of the system
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For Biography, see Centralbl. f. allg. Gsndhtapflg.,
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Comfortable boarding, including fuel and lights, in respectable families,
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autumnal fever be exposed to the air a short time and then mounted in this
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along the lines of railroad over which southern cattle are shipped
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permanent cause of an;«mia of thcj^e centres from nar-
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sium, in 5 to 8 grain doses, thrice a day; and an attempt
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aggressive and destructive character or rapidity of movement and speech, the use
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been slaughtered to prevent the spread of the disease.
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cera. In the diagnosis, great attention must be paid
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that the more quickly wounds are treated portation is essential to the success of an
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traindicated in such grave organic lesions as leukemia, cir-
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who placed the house of Koncesvalles in the same category as the Abbey
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logical, and Otological Society, Pittsburg, Pa., May 11, ISHS.
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Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the U. S,
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officers and enlisted men shall be spelled out in full, but where suf-
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wanting, the number of component vertebrae may, nevertheless, be
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Circulatory organs. — Much might be said upon prognosis
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throat and stomach. It darkens the blood like sulphuric acid, although it
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Atropliy of the alveolar xn-ocesi^es and painless falling out of the teeth

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