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say, affirm that organic disease exists, (v.) The mode of onset. An acute
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IX. That it is adnu'tted by the Committee, that a i>fw cafes have
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tions of the posterior part of the os calcis. The projec-
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personally of the opinion that it is admirably suited to form the basis of
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Wilfred Trotter, M.S., and Sir StClair Thomson, M.D.
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ductory Address. By E. R. Peaslee, A. M., M. D., Prof. Anat. and Surg, in the
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observe, however, that these effects only follow the application of the salts
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massed cells were denominated lymphoma, sarcoma, or
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both of the wounds ; and the granulating patch which is
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different stages of development. In the former the first step
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mortality of 2}^ per cent., whereas the rate of mor-
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not imparting information per se of a clinical value, and
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pulse and improvement in other symptoms ; and the defervescence in this
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Ar the immediate, caase of cysts or accnmnlatioiis of serosity in normal sacs
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preternatural dilatation of the pupils of the eyes.
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further studying the etiology of the gangrene in these cases, the
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therefore invalid, and the person to whom it referred was ordered by the Com-
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time taken up by the treatment being from ^universally hard; and from the seventy-
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and Cattani, from their experiments, came to the conclusion that for
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dissolving them ; thus metallic iron is changed into a soluble salt
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that if we could have succeeded in keeping the fragments
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patients. The point of the syringe entered a subcutan-
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four years much new light has been thrown, and about which a
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larger portions of the lumen of the pelvis, and decide the question
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varies very much. Renouard, who seems to have studied
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and soles of the feet in cases in which it is not too slight.
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