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nished the twinge of making the hypodermic puncture;

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patient to withstand operative mianipulations, and the condi-

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glands, and general failure of the assimilative functions. As death

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embedded in a reddish gelatinous substance at the growing edge of the

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68.3 in. — again nearer the mean height of the general population. The

phenergan syrup for dogs vulva

It might be argued that if this were so, the congenital deaf-mute would

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slight separation (1-20 of an inch) at the sub-pubic junc-

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puerperal convulsions, the administration of chloroform had a

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all specimens with numbers below 160 will be found described in that communication.

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sors of three universities gave cautious approval; testimonials came

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of hygiene and preventive medicine. Might it not be

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Woman's College of New York Infirmary (no date given); proposed by Dr H. H.

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Lirgery, and that to a considerable extent the opposition to the use

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literature is almost exclusively due to the individual

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ined: Explanations and Absence of Communication Prob-

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* Dr. Priestley, who was present when Lord Loughborough pronounc-

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discourses on it in more eloquent, if not more enlightening,

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studies, and was, in a short time, as great a proficient in tlie art as his

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bright afternoon in the end of August, we left Paris

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Of course they called it by its Latin name of Unguentum

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3. Bleeding ; usually only a few drops of blood mixed with secre-

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leucocytosis might be jiroduced, but which in reality

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Laparotomy was performed within a few hours of first seeing the

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of recent years, was awarded to Dr. Ramon y Cajal, of

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the list. In the administration of creosote, it is important in

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of an incandescent electric light, the positive purple after-image

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tion of the pain with its radiation to the neck and left

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1 Color-blindness is more frequent among Quakers than

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that if we could have succeeded in keeping the fragments

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lules is contained an alkaline, albuminous liquid, in which are swimming

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a specific action of the toxins on the bone-marrow. This case certainly

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of the case. Improvement was very slow and uncertain till

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same, with only slight cough ; the low extent of his liver

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Discussed by Thomas H. Mantlet, M. D., of New York County.

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