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reached on or before the sixth day, their areol© decline on or

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It cicatrised over in the Moulmain Hospital, but broke out

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Clinical Features. — The pain is aching or lancinating;

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stituent hypochlorous acid, resulting from the partial

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filtration of the periosteum, and anii)utations of the fingers,

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peroxidation. Preservation of myocardial ultrastructure

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the aiders and abettors in this nefarious traffic, to a considerable extent,

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' It will not be generally accepted as proved that Addisonian aufemia is due to increased

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extended to include a crude surgery which was too often

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(3) It is only one-third as sweet as cane sugar, so

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Breakers of the law must abide by the consequences : though I

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and itches, and he would be much more comfortable without the

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diminished power to expel the urine from the bladder. The urine usually

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ment in all consisted of good diet, frictions, passive motion, and use of the

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relatively short small intestine."* This lack of equilibrium

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This is an outstanding opportunity for a Board certified/eligible General Surgeon

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life is prolonged beyond six days. If recovery tal^e place, convalescence is

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of the tissues, the result of depression of the underlying bone.

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physical examination revealed normal findings with the exception

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a condition of exhaustion is approaching. This condition

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of nervousness developed where it had not existed —

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Causes. — The affection is generally seen in young girls of feeble

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invariably fail to grasp this point, and even in repairing they sel-

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intimate that, without violence to truth, the latter might well

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The truth is, the knowledge which rules and regulates

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particles, negative charges are again liberated and

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ing mass was allowed to remain in the vagina, till it was thrown

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evacuation from the bowels. It was Sunday, and the house-chaplain

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