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continue to exist by a sort of pathological necessity: thus
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with changes in the membranes of the brain, although in other cases
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apparently absent from the simpler Anglo-Saxon conception. The same
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aneurysm. The most important criteria pointing to a saccular aneurysm are the ex-
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of the same month he called at my office, and requested me to go
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Frezier, his account of Spanish cruelty in the conquest of Fera 175
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to the scientific chemist ; secondly, in containing the
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extreme amount of destruction for some time preceding death,
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tigating this case. In those diseases that baffle our efforts by their ob-
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machal digestion, the administration of the offend-
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that is to be learnt, and storing it up for future use. Go to
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of diseases, such as Bilious Pleurisy, Dropsy, Palsey,
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Insufficiency. — Chart 6 illustrates the effect of daily graduated «
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The coexisting leucorrhoea must be treated as directed to^cr *'**^
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tion shows it to contain notable quantities of iodides,
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seldom wears any other clothing but a blanket, when he gets
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The upper part of the trunk is occasionally involved in the paralysis,
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for the purpose. By this procedure it will be possible to arrive at a correct
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with adjacent tissues. These bands of adhesions latterly
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places, which had previously been used, had been bricked up and close stoves
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cation. Indeed, Murchison goes so far as to sa^ that men who have not
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child should see visions, whilst in nightmare he only dreams dreams.
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occur with increasing frequency with the advance in life. The change
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The density or specific gravity of urine does not indicate the quantity of
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changes occur in the upper extremity, but the contractures and paraly-
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leukemia, portal thrombosis and myxedema show a very slight reduc-
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at our disposal will not admit of our doing more than stating

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