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important, if not the sole, cause of this vascular distention. They probably do exert

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or clothing or articles from infected places (men, as I believe,

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anatomic appearance which is comparable to that obtained in animals

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inoculated with putrefying liquids is its'elf infectious; that its

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Rabbit 4 had received nine injections of Streptococcus 4, and was bled four

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Fig. 3. — Case 2 (Hosp. No. 291). Hydropneumothorax. Patient prone,

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employed provided a fresh supply is not at hand. It should be remem-

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yellow fever, cholera, and plague, have been reported to the

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practice. No introduction of a bougie should ever be permitted

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tion before a prosector ; and in the other departments at the end of the

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all other cases we can only consider operation as tentative, and we can never

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professor then showed the plaster-cast to the class, the mother

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Fourth Edition, entirely revised and largely re-written.

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the cricoid cartilage, on each side, to the base of the arytenoid.

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chloride of gold and a solution of arseniate of potash, allowing the

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an acnte oephialitis may cause the paralysis of the insane. As regards the first symp-

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(3) The condition may result from atony combined with loss of

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it seems essential to have hospital, tent, or other

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the gastric malaise is considerable ; the face is pale ; the sweating is profuse 5

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the seventh month of pregnancy, who manifested, during a parox-

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accounted for except on the supposition that in the course of each disease the

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and raises his legs, which he uses like stilts. The gait, which may

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bat ; coetera sana, nisi hepar solito majus et deco-

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received, via California, three numbers of The Australian

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third to the fifth day. In favourable cases the tongue becomes

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ger of suffocation, in a few hours from the commencement of the

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rated edges. The rest were of smaller dimensions. From the extre-

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assistance in French translations, arrangement of accumu-

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