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In this class of cases, then, the eyes can not be used on near objects

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amplying any right in women to obtain Medical degrees, or as

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developed periods of asystole (2 to 5 seconds) after a

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of a ruptured abscess cavity below the transverse por-

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had completely failed, Mr. White proposed a combination of three

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tracted, and both were insensible to light. All the limbs were powerless, ;md fell on

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66. J.H.G. Schlegel, "Altes und Neues aus dem Gebiete der gerichtlichen Arzneikunde,

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(2.) The condition of the urine of twenty-four hours during a

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the hulk Pyramus as hospital ship, and the governor

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the development of the following changes in the other

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accord with the description of acute anterior poliomyelitis as now given ;

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muscles ; it would be better designated a delirium of the sensori-motor

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When Writing to Advertisers Please Mention this Journal.

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as infants, the two remaining brothers and one sister were

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But should this not occur after the lapse of one week, and the even-

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Sent Anywhere, Express Prepaid, on Receipt of Price

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body is in some way related to the strumous cachexia

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immediately in relation with the nerve fibres and cells, while the

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suppose not being familiar with the powers of the mind over

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edema caused an increase in oxygen intake of 80 per cent. Underhill

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ectopic gestations. The advantages of the vaginal route in the

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