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so well that he asked the house surgeon if he could go out for a little

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until the heart becomes weakened by dilatation, that the patient applies to

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ment in the fundamental types. If we suppose (and there

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has spread out the means of coverage for health serv-

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stricture of the male urethra, it was necessary to come

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would have the appearance of conviction, however averse I

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plasm, so that it not only gives a clear picture of bacteria contained

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late Benjamin Rush. Rush, he said, had been a true social re-

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cure, and in tumours of the membranes surgery offers some

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citing or outward causes ; for he remarks that, owing to this assumed

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of other regions. The impediment to the aortic circulation which

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of the true organism. Gram's method is best employed in the

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pepsinfibrinpeptone-beta of Siegfried, and a mixture of abiuret products

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The military of every rank are maintained at the expense of

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Dr. Bryant replied that the injection had been made only

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fragments cause what is known as " fistulous withers ;" the

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but when applied to the back vastly increased the sufferings of the patient.

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death within a few weeks. The symptoms were soreness

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shape attached to a plate so that it is fixed in a position of flexion.

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firm the diagnosis of a scorbutic affection of the mouth.

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the fact that "cancer is not a hopeless disease, and that the earlier

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British Association for the Advancement of Science, from

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Perhaps — and we say it in no spirit of criticism — if we

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Johannessen.f Scarlatina takes an important place among the causes

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pocket-sized book containing memoranda and data important

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some investigations respecting the vascular distribution in the kidneys, as

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Certain animals, as well as man, are very susceptible to pneu-

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Association for the Study and Prevention of tuberculosis, Wash-

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