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I wonder if the members of the Academy have noticed

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ten ; no report in twenty-three ; backache in one ; nausea

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employe*!, the majority using it obtaining most favorable results,

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slide in position and adjusting the focus, the observer,

periactin appetite stimulant toddler adults

of self-pollution. Again, such unlawful procreation is injurious

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September 27) more than 4.4 gm. per kilo were taken without producing

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tion is painless or nearly so ; (3) a large amount of blojd-

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Action. — The simple bitters, as gentian, act as stomachics

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very argijment is refuted in the same manner in which

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the pains from the outset are feeble. Its occurrence in the course of a labour

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Cough and pain in the chest also become aggravated, but these acute s^'mptoms

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the arm does not tremble in all positions ; it does nut, for

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" Cholera in its Home," but without any satisfactory demon-

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six years the writer has seen five cases, while of pharyngeal

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cated. For further details, I refer to the books of local pathology and

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deavor was made to obtain samples of the squirrel population from

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119. Beaf-Muttsm. — Judging from the results of 150

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other instead of side by side without having hyperphoria. We must not

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improved by administering intravenous gadolinium —

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very thoroughly and it seema to me superfluous to go into it more definitely

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close spontaneously, but sometimes may healthy peritoneum can deal with many

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influence the future at plastic periods of heredity

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iMtli compound tr.uturc of tin- iniKimin.itc lnim-, ilic

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any rational control, even though his symptoms are the same

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various medical Colleges in the United States, has done much

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Therefore this opens the field for appli- culosis, as has been so frequently and co-

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Audsley of Livei"pool, and handsomely bound in mor-

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ing, but the paralysis of the tongue is as complete as it was on

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