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lesion in the cord. The diminution and the loss of sensibility are conse-

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has really died from natural causes should be afterwards thrown into water

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epilepsy, or external injury ; and for this purpose the word apoplexy ajjpears

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inserted them through the tracheotomy wound, and removed both the plugs,

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consisted in first accustoming the boy to handle the scis-

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tuberculous process and the nature of the reaction of the infected individ-

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est imaginable affinity for oxygen, is blood freshly drawn

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and mental, and the pointed remarks idiots make are

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IngersoU, of this city. After the meeting was over, a classmate and

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surgeons of widest experience and most careful, conscien-

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preventive measures were to be continued after inflammation appeared ;

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tion of beech leaves. These simple remedies, with the aid of a sound

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greenish, cheesy pus has accumulated around it ; in

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violent movements. In 1873 Dr Habershon had a fatal case in a boy, aged

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rates and benzodiazepines, consider potential for additive sedative effects. 2.

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complains of being oppressed, and is incessantly throwing off the

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variety of bronchitis can be made out prior to the expectoration of false mem-

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chlorate, naphthol, phosphorus, arseniuretted hydrogen, cartx>n dioxid,

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tion, and from thence into the blood. It is not improbable

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before his advice reached us. For, two days after we sent our

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ISTelson, Mrs. F. M. Register, and Sarah Randolph (Colored Supervisor).

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tion before a prosector ; and in the other departments at the end of the

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The latter, called retrograde invagination, according to Leichtenstern never

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dren died about half an hour after they were born. The autopsy on

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our cousins across the sea? No, the plain truth is, gentlemen — and I

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Case I. — N. S., aet. forty-three. Health enfeebled for several years by

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peritoneum, as can be seen, covers not more than half of it.

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Dr. P. H. Sawyer spoke of Dr. Scott's zeal in the cul-

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l>een greatly shocked by the sudden death of one of our members. Dr. W. R.

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Postscript, Decenibcr 1st. — Since the foregoing was written

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contract at the beginning of the spring movement, there is no proof that they

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extent alsoveryvariablc — sometimes considerable and enduring;

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no further steps were taken to locate the responsibility, as,

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Hinus. J. Laiyngol., Lond.. 1899, xit, 47.5-477. — Troiii-

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