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Heating the organism at 60° C evidently destroys most of the

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Mean direction of wind, S.W. & S.E. — Rain in inches, 0.77.

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air. Tliis did not give relief, and seemed to increase

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higher than 99.5° F. The apertures of entrance and

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allowed to harden so it will retain its position, and is then

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Buffalo, who most kindly placed at my disposal his col-

phenergan with codeine and ibuprofen

and less is he inclined to give medicine except in urgent cases, prefering to

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only in part swallowed after great exertions on the part of the patient. After

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for example, to find physicians leaning so heavily upon

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hen an extra quantity of it was given. Wing (53) found that the

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mal thickness. The right ventricle was also a little dilated ; its walls were more

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sible to secure from the patient any history of trauma as the

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minded from progressive dementia. In the ordinary insane, mania or

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non-recurrence of glioma after operation could be accounted

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100; has been sleeping, and feels well; tongue slightly coated with a whitish

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charcoal no larger than a small pea. Holding the bag

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She claims that the affection was due to an attack of

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never to be wiped out ■until the offence was sheeted home to

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effectually obviates the troublesome tendency to eversion which exists in

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greatly from that of the symptoms of any of the systematic

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lime and cod-liver oil, with quinia and morphia, to improve the nutri-

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graduates take the more advanced degree than formerly, and that

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the writer recalls a case of empyema in which there was

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For external application, to render the absorptive capa-

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414. The handle should rest in the palm of the right hand and be

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1740 c— Idem. v. 5, 1 p. 1., xliv+728 pp., 38 pis. 4°. Paris. [W'".]

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the deaths that happen immediately after lithotrity — " there is

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and, on the oth^ hand, has had opportunity of observing how long the

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All vertebrate animals are susceptible to anthrax, the herbivora being

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of egg albumin leads to albuminuria, this usually occurs after about

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logical explanation of G. Bunge ('Zeitschrift /. Biologie} is given as thq mpst

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velopment of the breasts is not infrequent, and examples

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