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The position of this second abscess deserves notice, for

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the autopsy was not performed until fifty-eight hours after death."

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within its walls, has the eflEect of disturbing the endings

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tures \<-rc taken at regular intervals and were continued in all ovei a

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This uncertainty was further strengthened by observing that

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Honorable Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, of Paris. The Gen-

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It is, at any rate, certain that clothes and bedding may become vehicles

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j scybala in the rectum or sigmoid colon, the result of

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above the quack and other venders of medical wares.

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much wider spread than was formerly supposed, but it by no

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lar surfaces one would almost believe that pieces of the

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contained substances capable of destroying bacteria. Fokker

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pearl-barley, nught be worth trying. The fowl is to be covered

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tions studied it has been designated as P. commune,

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have always believed, that these pains are felt in and about the

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other speakers, after which a paper was read by Dr.

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ten throats of attendants in a diphtheria hospital non-

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of observing and rectifying many previously unobserved

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period, there are special calls upon the vitality of the

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sometimes, abscess, or even gangrene of the brain. This last (gan-

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importance: First, as an undeniable evidence of sew-

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out occasioning, in the examination, any undue amount of irritation.

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half a million pence expended in endeavouring to prevent the infectious

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doubtful authorities, and by trusting them too much, the public health

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was considerable relief experienced at the end of three weeks,

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of the signs of former lesions are of primary importance. In the male

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• Stevens : Functional Nervous Affections, p. 91.

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and we strongly commended the book, not as being the proper one to be

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Evidence of having completed four years of Professional

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action of oxygen. They are decomposed on the addition of a solution of com-

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