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until death. The pulse is rapid, small, and wiry. Its frequency is 120-160

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from the nasal bones above and its reposition leave an

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At times it is very evident that one kidney only is

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DIABETIN— L^YULOSE (SCHERING'S). Pure fruit sugar; is a superior food

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represent a high degree of scientific work besides being a

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Upon first consideration it would appear that tumors, of the stomach

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glass rod, and the precipitate is washed into a beaker. After dissolving the pre-

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in small quantities. Among these may be mentioned lecithin (11),

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more satisfactory, and liability of error cut down to a

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ing briefly the history of esophagoscopy he demonstrated

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action of muscles than by the paralysis. The treat-

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posures should be from 20 to 45 minutes, according to the

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tenance requirement is between ILl and 14.4 per cent, above the star-

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who have been in the same room with diphtheritic patients, without

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London, of the filaria sanguinis hominis in the pro-

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deeply and unequally notched. The flowers grow in slender

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Among these were at least twelve Bacon manuscripts, as we learn

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•we have to give. Extend the leg, bend the hip joint, roll the

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autolysis no longer restrained by anti-enzyme of the exuded fluid.

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interesting paper before the Section of Balneology a short time ago, but all

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Southern Women in the Recent ELducational Movement in the

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is along this path that the primary metastasis of gastric car-

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formed a cecal colostomy ; this was followed by daily injections

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: , • "•":", '''^: ■"■"-■I'''' '- "-"-' "^-- >^>- ^^ 1 k.,u,...n

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but it is also not infrequently associated with menstrual

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^phthisis have proved worthless. The Medical Times and Ga-

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for the ensuing year, reported the names of J. C. Jackson, M. D.,

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water in the proportion of three teaspoon- and the patient is quickly revived,

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about with the aid of a high shoe on the foot of the

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!■ rtiMom of liMvinjr one cmlns " mithor ncrcrsan- nor useful, Imt altoptlier in-

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Necropsy proved this diagnosis, and in addition the

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