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the vagina is very varied in difl'erent individuals, even for the

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thir*y-two provincial towns, among which it was highest in Cardiff,

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being borrowed from I5ellamy's Surgical Anatomy. In this

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Joachim's section on this subject from his Introduction.

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ha.i been resorted to in this case. He thought there was con-

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B. Shoolbread, C. M. Simmouds, J. D. Slight, M.A., A. L. P. Smith,

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fully preparing to withstand seaborne cholera, inland dis-

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rlia"- of t»'e scalp, as brought out bv the action of osmic acid.

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bladder. There had been no bladder symptoms, but ceitain of the

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tect themselves from its ravages than it is to overcome the

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Kitro-glycerine promptly relieved the headaches which came

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is not due to a fear of spreading loathsome diseases, but

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Sir,— A letter of mine appeared in the British Medical

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into the portal circulation of dogs induced glycosuria, it wa&

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ceed is by enforcing cash payments, and these must be small ;

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consideration of the two examples already given will enable

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ence in Paris in order more especially to discuss the changes

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But even the presence of the uterus is not essential to the

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the approaching promotion of Surgeon Colonel H. J Paterson MD

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enough that the heat they produce in the upper part of the

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All the other arrangements of the building were found in

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Shc frr^.T'^ fi^'""^} "i*' ^''^^"^ °f the perforktl^of a

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upoa my journey to England as a kind of internationaE

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of a section of the new growth taken fnun the sphenoidal sinus, masses

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tory character. The deputations were by request confined

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to remove it, as I was anxious to avoid delay. Tiic upper and lower

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case as one of catarrhal appendicitis at its outset followed by

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Edhidge-Green— HiCKS.— On April 2Bth. at St. Mary's, Hendon, by the

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inflammatory mass it certainly was. It appeared almost sud-

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the plaintiQ In respect of his treatment of a woman in her confinement,

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18ti3 was AM. The admissions were lli», and, if certain rearrangements of

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deceased), Surgeon-General F. F. Allen, J\LD., C.B., was

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It was there stated that the journal in question " seems to be

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Plymouth, 2.6 ; and Southampton, 2.7 per cent, of attacks.

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show are now well known, such as the bodies described in

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ment at 65 years of age, Sir Joseph Fayrer received intima-

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rheumatic diathesis. He had treated cases, one some six

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salicylic acid, chloroform, and arsenic are given. We are not

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production of catarrhal inflammations of mucous surfaces as

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Index catalogue of the Library of the. Vol. 13. Si-Su. 1892.

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tobacco field. This field was worked first in June, and the

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that, although in certain towns returned under Subgroup 1

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