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be afforded if they did. Simply packing the wound with

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Fraser. of California. March 23, 1901 ; Beuben M. Bonar. of Oblo,

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danger of infection, but little shock and the freest possi-

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gestive of chemical reaction. Therapeutic measures founded on

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otherwise, the Board of Trustees shall ftll the vacancy ad

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nerves of the face, arising from the fifth cranial pair.

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action in producing hypoleucocytosis in rabbits. The diminu-

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fever in the Western Hemisphere, it is equally applica-

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built without damp-proof ctmrses. In this condition the posi-

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duodenal suture. The secretion from the Wound had erased

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In this way a constant stream of water could be made to per-

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that time. Many congenital dermal growths demonstrate that

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reaction lias been absent in only ten, thus giving 4 per cent, of

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it from phlegmon or carcinoma. In Cases 1 and 6 the

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Our paper account, as well as all others, has been paid for

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logic examinatons were made in every case with n^ative re-

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are not reputable nor ethical, it would seem tiat limiting

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was invited by the President to contribute a paper to the Sec-

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plaintiff was concerned, the defendant was engaged solely in

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alone in the scientific field, but in behalf of an organized

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erages were universally drunk, and generally in immod-

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2. Typhoid Pever. — From a study of a number of cases of

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during the past dozen jears to the bacillus, and the

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I have had several special cements made for the purpose. A

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the Institute for Infectious Diseases in Berlin, the Insti-

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a high school with certain requirements or else submit to

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in pitch and tone in the first, much sharper in the second and

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Died 48 hours after operation. Internal injuries. One extremity ampu-

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it a criminal offense for any one to Kstrain them without

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muscular walls,, few surgeons, I hold, would employ

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Asst.-Surgeon D. E. Robinson, to proceed to Port Townsend

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tion of which is essentially of the nature of the internal secre-

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injected two rabbits with 20 c.c. each, and fourteen days

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