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radiographs or by the occurrence of bone destruction in the absence
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“‘And so these three little sisters’ — (said the Dor-
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more severe ; they now^ last fifteen or twenty minutes, and occasion
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page, line 25, 1 the first writing was tp ptiey senja
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regular, rapid rate with poor volume and hemic murmer at apex. Enlarged
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tioned as a possible factor. Heredity is probably unimportant, and a
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Reflexes. These very commonly show some alteration, but the findings
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The a:-ray examination is always of the greatest help not only in deciding
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becomes general. Perforation of the intestine occasionally takes place, giving
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bral lesion. Although death is rarely due to the disease, the prog-
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*• A year prior to my taking charge of the medical department of
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catamenia, she menstrua' ed for three days, and the same
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distribution. The parsesthesia was independent of the local
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Board of Health, which responded readily, Dr. Crouch finally deciding
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merely refer to the cautious employment of the lancet; of cupping over
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and no change in his condition otherwise havins: occurred. His
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in thickness and far more dense than in the first form. Its cause is probably a
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winning the prizes — the first of $500, the second of
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against the will of the patient ; he should be induced to concur in the
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tion for losses to Naval Medical Officers should be
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for the convenience and comfort of the masses, have vitiated the air
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verned by the same laws alone as things inanimate —
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from birth, or is noticed first during adolescence and occurs in several
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September. 1!»17, by the bursting of a shell. He was admitted
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appears perfectly healthy to the naked eye. There is, therefore, no
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imaging, lesions may be diagnosed while they are smaller
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ilis. Tlie husband of the woman nursing the child, upon a
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years, when the lateral incisors change. The four-year-old colt

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