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been an ulcer at or near the pylorus on its anterior sur-
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ed the presystolic crescendo bruit, which was abol-
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goaded each other, and this deadlock, if not broken,
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Fifth Annual Meeting, held in Wichita, Kansas, October
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H. Crabtree, W. T. Davidson. H. M. Smith, and C. J.
in the order of their relative value in the eyes of the
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shoulders on March 12, 22, and 29, 1910. No reaction
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change in intellectual functions seen in the diminu-
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Clinical Institutions of Practitioners, By J. Price,
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cision of the primary sore, or with destruction of it
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twelve days' leave of absence from September 6, 1910.
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genuine cases, characterized by well defined stable,
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University of Edinburgh, etc. Eighth Edition. Phil-
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fear at all times that I am going to do something in de-
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celebrated its first centennial of existence. One of
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und soustiger pathologisch-anatomischer Untersuchungen.
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10. The Orthopaedic Treatment of Tuberculosis of the
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is that while in some quarters medical treatment by
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be the spreader of the disease, which makes it more
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after taking food unless the condition of the patient
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question of lemaining in the present headquarters, in the
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fresh case quite directly and, secondarily, by enter-
cent, of badly constructed dwellings showed that one
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and thick, with the ailmixture of a small amount of
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this ; about two thirds of them recovered their health ;
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determinations, examinations for parasites, anaemias, Widal

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