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which we are threatened with Asiatic cholera, disinfectants must occupy a promi-

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In 1908 he was appointed member of the Medical Reserve Corps,

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Montefiore Home. His research experiments have been recorded by

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questions regarding diseases which are comparatively regular in

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case," Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Diseases, 1898, Vol. XVI,

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nection with Columbia University. He was visiting physician to

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As a general rule, the higher the velocity of the projectile, the

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The Century for February is even more entertaining than

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was dilated, but we could not make an examination of its inner

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Intra-venous Injection of Phenic Acid. — " La Cronica

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generations, and then injected with a degree of certainty

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conduct, and afterward has not the slightest recollection of it.

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tion), the diagnosis is evident; but nearly always, with

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another was raptured by rednien durinjj the French and

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straps or belts, whose use has been so much recommended,

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met Dr. Marion Sims in 1868, has been taken directly from

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A. Salls, M.D., has removed from Quincy to Marlborough, Mass., having pur-

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mother to rub his hands, sometimes complained of their aching.

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could be relied upon to take advantage of the most favorable moment. That

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Millie J. Chapman, M.D., Pittsburgh, Penn. Subject: "Croup."

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elbow, are sometimes isolated, sometimes complicated by

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from the tolling of bells when rising from bed ; hissing in the

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on "The Indian Country," and on " Hotel-Keeping ; " the "war

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these "mothers," records of whose informal "councils" are here

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" Remarks on the Diagnosis of the Diseases of Women.' '

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fracture is comminuted ; lesions of the large vessels are not

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Roxbury, Mass. I am unable to find any account of diphtheria

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New Jersey. His son and namesake, "William Shaffer, Jr., was born

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chemical and microscopical investigation. He was physician to the

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S. J. Donaldson, M.D., has removed to " The Chelsea," 222 West 23d Street,

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On the other hand, the two first-mentioned guns, mainly

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medical profession. He has been President of the County

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ter Pathological Society, and an honorary fellow of the Rochester

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thalmologic Surgeon to the Sisters of Charity, the Erie County, and

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