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The bowel was intensely inflamed and contained many ulcers. Under irri-

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You notice I said that was the doctor's professional estimate

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phylline saliva levels (approximately 60% of simultaneous blood levels), may

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is not necessary to propagation in this class. Segregation is

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30 per cent at birth; Sack found 14 per cent in a number of

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adrenal gland, Mulford, 25 parts, boric acid 1 part in 1,000 parts.

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ment which is merely a subsidiary part of the cell powers and

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Pure cultures of colon bacillus grew from the specimens of both

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ative procedure. There is at present considerable siderosis ; the uninjured

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work a city census has been taken in which blanks were sent to

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considered an "unfair accusation" appeared in the copy of the minutes

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n late fall or early spring. If the trees are .mall a-d .—-i-

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students of Edinburgh University, the progress of preventive medicine is

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Schofield Building; H. O. Feiss; Martin Friedrich, 3226 West 14th

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We are handicapped in many hospitals by the frequent

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adenoid tissue of the intestine, mesentery and spleen, acute degeneration

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on the left. Two weeks after nephrectomy the drug collected

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This may be due in part to the fact that not all paretics of the higher

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death in three cases of splenomyelogenous leukemia, and is of

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The majority of observers contented themselves with

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discovery that the injection of adrenal extract produces a

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The board was authorized to refuse a certificate to a person

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its appearance. Hektoen (1905) had shown this period to extend to

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If the office of president-elect becomes vacant, it shall

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found to be densely fibrous and decreased in vascularity. 20

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nasal condition affecting the ocular muscles. But as has been

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tically all of that winter, and which yielded finally to the

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especially where the anemic habit has become established. His conclu-

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not a matter of "schools" or "sects"; it is a question of a working knowl-

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be stated that the discussions in these symposia did not prove

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Es presentate un studio evalutative del resultatos ther-

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this purpose. His success as an operator was marvelous, when one re-

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