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mary of recent investigations concerning the causation of diphtheria and the

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been the sequence of events. Moreover this had been found

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Finally it is often exceedingly difficult to determine whether influenza

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evidently easy to produce necrosis of the liver it is much more

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cation to industrial processes. The maintenance of highly

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membrane of the stomach and intestines and with partial or almost

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are the determining factor of epidemicity in the case of

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all possible exposure. The walls of the whole house

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course of the case and the train of subjective symptoms re

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the amount of material obtained after a test meal will be excessive.

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nodes. It is doubtful however that the added information

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prepuce extending thence to the organ itself. The focus in

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become destroyed the fluid being then drawn into the smallest bronchioles and

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given to every organ thus we promote secretions and excretions. When neg

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few superficial ulcers in the sigmoid flexure the rectum much reddened

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lying behind the uterus which was crowded well forward against

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or calculi usually pass with the urine. Examination with

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the dung covered with mucus or loose with streaks of blood.

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atic communication such as would be of physiological signi

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out. If the bladder of itself is insufficient to expel

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with. cc. of rat blood and days later inoculated with rat blood

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preferred from an educational point of view inasmuch as any young that

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ascribed to an inflammation of the blood an injury to the brain

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diagnosis was clearly established and he had had no occasion

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tice medicine and surgery in the State of Missouri

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were subacute. He had a tonsillar focus gave a normal sugar tolerance

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recommended that they be adopted without full deliberation and only

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