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it had been a powerful support. In all cases rales di-
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until both sides are equally black, when the axis is read off.
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their cultures into animal tissues. These researches,
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ing the time I never left the bedside a moment for anything
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been much discussed ; they are probably inferior to those of atmos-
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observers have thought that the cause of the enfeeblement of the heart's
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that salary many times over for the luxury of witness-
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This fact is taken advantage of by the natives, who are
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In the management of diseases, both medical and surgical, I saw
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tbut was reduced under chloroform. In February 1900 he was again
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lateral, straight, and superior longitudinal sinuses ; vein behind each ascending
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achievements of science in other directions it became an
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relative production, before and after weaning . 240
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lated with a quart of starter saved from the previous day's batch and
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region, but were much less extensive. The conditions
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Retired generalist with experience in general, occupational, and
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are to be preferred to diabetes mellitus. The term glycoksemia, denoting
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Dr. Jehiel Williams, of New Milford. From the latter we copy the following
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external genitals and vagina when done in young women and the
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in the milder form of case, and the right and left sides are affected with
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immediately, without any other manifestation. The patient attacked by
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* The translations of this passage by Cowper and Dacier are
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The recruitment of six new staff members during the year requirqdn
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the disease, 1 have sometimes met with pulmonic symptoms.
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varies in the several genera of plants and animals; and is not
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percentage index, may give rise to erroneous conclusions; as a
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tory evidence is alone relied upon in diagnosis of the valvular diseases of
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identical in action with the ordinary, as it was in appear-
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of observing and rectifying many previously unobserved
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additional labour, of a most anxious, dangerous, and responsible
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times of monamino-acids in the urine of individuals suffering with

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