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Many other cells apart from liver cells were mingled in these areas.

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to the importance of X-ray work in medicine and surger}'. Especially

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those lesions; witness the frequency of relapses at their age, and the

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bearing of bacteriology has been more than once advanced, the first ovei

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tion that approaches a satisfactory explanation of this most difficult question.

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midollo spinale di alcuni teleo.stei. Monitore zool. ital, Fi-

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way) spoke of the functions of this region and the treatment of

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lateral, straight, and superior longitudinal sinuses ; vein behind each ascending

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dead bodies in situ, and iu tlie [troiupt triiiismission of

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with rank of First Lieutenant, to date from August 20,

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venereal ulceration not followed by gland complication. The

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infusion of the gastric mucous membrane jjroved power-

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bies and pediculosis so that every soldier with scabies or severe skin

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volumes and get no hint of it. Nevertheless, it is this fact that

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aciriar pancreatitis. Among 30 instances of chronic pancreatitis, in 21

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and provision according to fancy, " trek " quietly up country,

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passed rapidly through the cervix, and swept freely but quickly round the

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In May, 1884, I reported fifty cases of diabetes mellitus

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carrying with it an appropriation commensurate with

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When I saw him, late in the evening of November 6, the

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cases. Nine other cases reacted first to 10 milligrams. One patient

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apprehensive mind, was, indeed, a difficult one to suc-

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deer tendons, I have never known one to let go at all. They

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Prof. McWeeney also showed this specimen, which con-

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'" Ueber Pleural and Perltoncttl-druck. Deutschus Archlv. f. kiln.

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.:,..'d in .jhuii-.', inaltoM', and la'vul.iM' ont\. U-.

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to the physicians. The surgeons won the battle (April 23,

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or, in a more indefinite way, may affect the mental attitude as a

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high standing of Dr. Taylor giving his sanction to a pro-

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dissolving of the catgut was the time of being infected, and that

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living. Her previous health had been good, and she had

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and alcohol ; its dose is one-sixteenth of a grain, gradually increased

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past, not only in recent military practice, but in the current civilian

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cant, boro-glyceride, twenty-five per cent. — itself an

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