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tending to the right side of the pelvic brim. The diag-

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The urine should not be examined, or, at least, no reliance should be

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with arsenic, they who had eaten little and did not vomit, speedily died ; wlnle

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forms of Syphilis. — (Gaz. des Hop. Dublin Journal.)

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11th January. — Slight reddish marks at seats of inoculation

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quarters. When not due to laminitis, or to the pressure of the

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foreign nations in rejecting the introduction of cattle

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Congestive Fever. — While I refuse to admit that there is any form

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of which depended a great deal upon the time the punc-

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A. M. Cartledge, L. S. McMurtry, J. M. Mathews, T. L. McDermott, and

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striking to note the great number of pitted faces among adult Filipinos, whereas

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Buchanan, Gait ; L. C. Prevost, Ottawa ; Milton Baker, Spring-

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patient's chances of recovery. I am therefore convinced that the

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of the discussion there was one item I wanted to bring out

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kidneys, heart, and in neoplasms, especially in epithelio-

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apt to become faintly tubercular, or to desquamate, or even to ulcerate,

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part of the heart is attenuated it may then give way.

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" 2nd. That after the birth of the infant, the uterus may

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the use of the calomel fumigation is often of marked bene-

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which happen in the body in which it exists. Thus, hooping-

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fire in the succeeding year (1666) occasioned great

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by Schede in moderate extension. The splint was then

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the urethral canal. He expressed the belief from his experience that the

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should be allowed, and not much of this, for the diet should for

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Cred^l operated upon a female patient sufifering from ascending

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been temperate, but previously he was much addicted to intoxication and venereal

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