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The relation of Bright's disease to hypertrophy of the heart is too

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Abadic (C.) Des operations qui se pratiquent dans un

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or even of the whole thickness of the skull, may follow!

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would be to append the words "in abnormal quantities."

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p. 354 (I. c), as follows: ". . . , while with Nos. 1 and 2

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Dr. J. C. Hall, of Sheffield, but a former pupil of St. George's

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bation period is from nine to ten days from the date of exposure. Mayr's

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every day, was thought to have gastro-enteritiB, with

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Hall, M.D., Waltham; F. E Crockett, M.D., West Newton ; B. R.

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spirit, h« devoted himself to the siol< around him, and,

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Oct. 26th. Has had three or four hours of sound sleep dur-

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Some of the minor symptoms, as well as the complications

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hitherto received. In a report on the climatology and

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an irregular refinction of and interference in the tissue by disfigured

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26 who died 12 were operatives in the mills, each of

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Causes. — The affection is generally seen in young girls of feeble

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a surgeon undertakes an operation for the relief of epilepsy,

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the infraorbital foramen. With removal of its cause blepharospasm may

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Science. Two years and a half later, Cormack, who had been aided

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that it be adopted as a local regulation also. A considerable

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the Long Island College Hospital offered an excellent opportunity

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the coma returns. This second attack is, as a rule, fatal. The

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quently, to 145° ; all the vapor that was distilled was con-

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ments, with the gross action of dnigs. To-day we realize that a

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people of that state. The provisions of this bill are such, as to place

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contraction and dilatation which is observed for a short time after the

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recorded the case of a young man into whose nasal passage

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