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tion likely to be successful "—(Mr. aiker Brown's " Replies to the Kemarks

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Dr. Douis Frank: I believe it is best in these cases, especially in

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continues to work untold injustice. No one doubts that

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On the other hand, Lohlein weighed the hearts of nine women, of

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certain proportion of cases the bronchitis is constant or habitual, and the

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22. The BroncJiocele of Xew-horn Infants. — Dr. Betz, of Tubingen, has publish-

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are not unfrequently studded with small capillary hsemorrhages, par-

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To do this, the catheter is first introduced, and then

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length of time in a vessel, the sides of which are exposed

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The special varieties of goiter due to degenerative changes are the cystic,

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the blood were examined with Bizzozero's instrument with the following results :

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large buckles, powdered hair, a pigtail, and cocked-hat, and was a

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however, the house physician informed him Pituitrin was found to be a reliable remedy

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becomes swollen, indented, fissured, and tabulated, and its

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were among his pupils, and it was their opinion that he

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5. On a Rapid Method for the Cultural Differentiation of the

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sary, or, if fussing ahead of time, should be left alone till the hour is up.

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south, almost divided into two equal parts by some buildings. This

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t Vide Jnnales de Chimie et Physique^ tome iv. p. 192.

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shape it was irregularly oval, its longer diameter meas-

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prepared and tested separately. I obtained these preparations by third,

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tion, and ending at the close of the regular session for which the tickets are given— to under-

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A Text-Book of Physiology. By M. FOSTER, M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of

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and we are asked to believe that lie made an exception to this

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cardiac rupture appeared during the following 250 years. These reports are cited in order to document and trace an increasing

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In L853-4, Professor Leidy, of the University oi Penn-

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air for a short time, acquires a florid red or arterial colour ; and the kinds of

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