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not surpassed by electricity. So far as facility of applica-

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an indefinite character, but which soon developed into

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posterior fissure, with several irregular fissures. Finally as

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tem in most of these diseases. This is rendered still more pro-

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became distinguished as professors or at least as teachers in certain

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they contain have been re-affirmed by almost every meeting of the Ameri-

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our hospital was in an unhealthy state during the year

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of monkeys, or injected subcutaneously. Up to the present all these

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kept in bed in the beginning of treatment. Ewald recommends arsenic,

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The course and duration manifest striking differences. Acute

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the plant known as Gromell, Lithospermon. The figure in

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berries) turned in a lathe. The unturned berries are also used,

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white sugar the same decomposition is effected, but more slow ly . 1 1 starch be

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but in addition the pericardial sac was found completely oblit-

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ed against the charges of the bad effects which are alleged to a-

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both rational and scientific tonic medica- teen pounds in weight, was entirely free

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causes, it should be remembered that general dej)ression and nerve

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months after the operation, the patient was well, with

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should be ready for operation by the spring of 1967. This suite, which will

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fifty years later did another champion take the tield

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laparotomy was undertaken. The operation was rendered

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tracted into its vesicle, but a hard white spot on the surface

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Eye-Defects: This patient at his first visit showed

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redness and the painful symptoms, which were more marked

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and traced downwards. Exactly live feet and a half from the caciini. above and to

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