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and one-half percent of the hogs in the United States.

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to the remarkably low annual rate of 10 per 1000 in the last

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of Health, as a pernicious and unsafe drug. It may be used as a dis-

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daily exhibition of sal ammoniac combined with the extract of

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west of Milwaukee, providing the ideal, restful country environ-

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— In a majority of the cases infection of the myocardium takes place

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the joint became more swollen, more discoloured, and more sensitive

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regulation of admission to practice upon the certifi-

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origins. Holding such conviction, is tjicre no means to do for

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It follows that at the moment of discharge (spark) the

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with offensive discharges, are benefited by its use, and

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portion of patients die from hematemesis, and that in spite of the

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a full quota of severe ones, and four were among the

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rors of refraction and accommodation, and the methods of ex-

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along the posterior edges of both lower lobes. No pleurisy anywhere, lungs

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Dr. Thos. K. Morton, of Philadelphia : Dr. Robert T.

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as active as the sucrase present in the same extract.

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diarrhoea and enteritis, there were higher correlations even than for infantile

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watch the effect of the operation upon the pulse, and the force

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pernicious anemia is equally applicable to the lucemias.

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Manning, M. D., Epidemiologist, Wis- The International Medical Annual. A Year

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dilatation with the small uterine dilator. That is a

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methods have been adopted for separating the head from the trunk. (1)

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Opium. — Of solid opium horses take 1 to 2 drams;

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The treatment of insanity may be considered under two heads, namefy,

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result and that the same effort would be much more productive in major

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begun; and that by far the surest, and consequently

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ataxic state have been set down to syphilis pure and simple,

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exclaimed violently, "take care, you are knocking ray teeth

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or later return, as the fit may have been more or less severe;

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The Blood. The Red Cells and Hemoglobin. From the relatively

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