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for three hours. The wine peptone and beef preparations on the market

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prepared and tested separately. I obtained these preparations by third,

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is heavy and settles, but because the soil air usually contains more of

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By request, an examination of the body was made on Monday, P. M.

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Egypt. It is transmitted by lice, NicoUe and others having shown that the spiro-

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'■^^'"■■-'- ''"' ^ 1 .nh r,..,iluj '"<■'! '^V"^-'""""'^'-'--»„h,u-m

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its right half. Below the site of the most marked change the

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until neither auscultation, nor percussion nor even the examina-

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of one area must be distinguislied ^vom indirect local symptoms due to

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— not because it brings you consideration and respect, but because it en-

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excess of uric acid in the blood and a local lesion were required. The

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army ; as well as when following the route and encamping on the

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56 Th^Ljex, Cases of Apoplexy and Softening of the Brain, [July

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quite an independent manner, controlled, doubtless by

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F. J. Lehlbach— North Carolina, Dr. John W. May— Pennsylva-

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The key-note of the German university is freedom in

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enteric fever and other acute diseases. The cases which recover cannot,

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detected ; nevertheless the temperature as taken each

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mentary external immobilization. When the time comes to

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provided with some mildly astringent and antiseptic

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baths act on the heart muscles by training it to increased exertion, and

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achievements of science in other directions it became an

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streets, which was conniionly known as the Mowers of

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tious conservatism. Moreover, his preparation for every oper-

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man, 19 years old, as the result of a slight injury developed

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limited to the periphery of the retina, though the central parts are

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seases more appropriately styled malignant. The disease has been

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