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Bushrod W. James, M.D., from 1821 Green Street, Philadelphia, to N. E.

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& Sons, Limited. 1920. (Cloth, 8s. net; Paper Covers, 6s. net.)

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in his lungs an old, encapsuled, caseous nodule, which, on ac-

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winter ; that then a fresh attack is contracted, from which again recovery

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viii, 244-251. — I..andesbers ( M. ) Zur Rebaliiliti-

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the patient might not live through the operation. I operated

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solution saturated with tri.- chlor.- tertiary- butyl-alcohol. The

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event of the federated .system being adopted by the University

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Greenfield, Brain, London, January, 1920, xlii, iSTo. 4, p. 305 ; Cal-

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from the vitreous or colloidal into the ci'jstalline con-

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viction with it than we have hitherto perceived ; and I hope

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Dr. Sangster — I wish to point out that this is a very unprofitable discussion to the

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drawn, an incision was slowly made with a scalpel through

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the establishment of the tumour stage, no amelioration, far less

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characteristically increased when the patient moves. The most frequent,

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sary to insure the safety from diseasa of those personH

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but do not decline till the eruption fades from the body generally.

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didates must be unmarried, and duly registered Medical Practitioners^

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grains. "When the poison is injected under the skin, the dose

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part diseased, turpentine was administered by the mouth, and an issue

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points of the vertebral column several elevated lines were appa-

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honor the occasion. There were forty-two graduates.

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mandates were eliminated.... The National Center for

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tal ])tosis treated by Mules' operation. Tr. Ophtli. Soc. D.

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environment in the digestive tube of sufficient degree that multiplica-

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tonic and peptic, and in chronic fluxes, 2 or 3 grains of

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good health and low medical costs are only some of those

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of such antitoxic principles preformed in the cells of

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irritate it by an irritating ointment, or by any other means, so

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dilhculty in[its control. Though, perhaps, all danger

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into the bladder. In the urine in association with numerous cocci

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chloroform indicates the presence of an abnormally large quantity

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ory of a small number, but six in all, of successes in mind, I

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legislation. If this thing is to be carried out, there

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morning of the first day of the annual meeting, nor

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Carmichael of Buckie,* is prevented by oil, and favoured by the use of

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the subject very difficult. His chief suggestion on this point was

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of a man who, during the regular Hcuson f(»r the lat( r

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pelvic cases, that we should get them in good shape before we operate.

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