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standing this truth, the most enlightened physicians of the old

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the first 3,000 admissions to the wards, being all of those who had at

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paralysis of early childhood, to chronic parenchymatous

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whereas in summer their temperature declined 3° to 6° Cent., in

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signs are quite common, so common, in fact, that State tuberculosis sanitaria

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anat. de Par., 1893, l.wiii, 417-434.— Oilier. Resections

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the introduction of the silver usually causes a great deal of pain.

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Galen, Antidotes, II, 15 [ed. Kiihn, XIV, 196-201]).

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sometimes seen in cultures. The amebas are all in the round stage. Same

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opinion he had no confidence ; in experiment, the same unsuspected event has

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liar local induration of the skin called morphoea. In a case of each of the com-

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Hunter may stir themselves to inflict upon me. Thepe are not w anting

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offered a piece of dry bread, which he ate without apparent inconvenience. I

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Tiypanosome with two NN from the stomach of a flea eighteen

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stein, we find 57 of pleurisy, 46 of peritonitis, 40 of pericarditis, and 52 of

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the superficial type of rodent ulcer. The inner part of this lesion has

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nati, a paper on Electrolysis in Cancer ; also one on a Case of

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graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine

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condition of the birth-canal and presenting part must be consid-

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support of the antiquinin view, observation of a fair number of eases

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Orthopaedic Basic Science Conference, occasional Tuesdays, 11:00 a.m., UAMS Education Bldg., Room B/135

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sembles in its pathology the like infection of the oviducts. It would

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F. R. S. E. Fellow of the Iloyal College of Surgeons, and one

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otomy, in both of which the patients died. The first case was

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The other and much less common mode of onset is slower : there are

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produce one or other of the following Certificates or Testa-

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advanced age or of general feebleness of constitution, or for very young

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They divided pleuritic effusions into two classes, the purulent and the

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full benefits. No visa sponsorship. Contact E.J. Michaels, Ltd.,

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dialysis or peritoneal dialysis is inadequate to permit recom-

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