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hope of recovery ; and often being mistaken for sthenic ex-

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ary tuberculosis will be found to exist in a vast majority of cases,

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Association," whose principal object was " the promotion of

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it also returned to normal and he left the hospital

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however, in that they are in part covered by a low columnar epithelium

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Luxembourg to the Observatoire, the Avenue du Bois,

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too deep to allow the eye symptoms to be made out. Sensation will

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1884, xii, 37.— Trelat (U.) Fistule I'anus; traitement

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ficently concentrated, is precipitated both by tartaric acid and ^ ch ^

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establishment of an " enormitas cordis^ of a " cor taurinumJ* In

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often burn or injure their fingers and toes. Perforating ulcers are more common

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The above is at the tail end of a report purporting

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ing; and, in persons labouring under these diseases, it does not

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showing that it reduces the nitrates to nitrites. The

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active consideration of the profession, in the fact that

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according to whether the emphysema is vesicular or interlobular.

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fever should be suspected in all cases of continued fever of a remittent

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of tumor fragments. In two patients an endobronchial stent

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pieciation that his labors were rewarded by success.

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vented from going over so far in flexion. He thought that operations on

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relief procured by it is said to be immediate and lasting.

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anesthetic, a circumscribed induration in the right iliac

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• Stevens : Functional Nervous Affections, p. 91.

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I had an opportunity this summer to personally visit

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had seen some seventy summers, not to fear, but to enter in and pray^

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agents, with special regard to the next decennial re-

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of acid, may be sucked up, and so cause trouble. Should the

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patients have not had a single sign of disease since recovery.

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fgw^ exttfaple .has been chosen for the sake of illustratioq,

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patient himself, of the ordinary prophylactic measures

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at three day intervals. Hypopyon disappears, the opa-

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