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and a half in diameter. The cava and pulmonary veins were
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ing noise ; the paroxysm, though severe, is usually short, and termi-
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ana, with a hernia of six days' standing. It was believed that he was
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suicide. But then he decided to seek salvation in the
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with general, symptoms must be relied tiiwn in the diagnosis.
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intei'esting parallel to the same process, lately in
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these factors nave resulted in lowered health, and it is easy to see that this
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February 23. The patient passed a restless, uncomfortable night,
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Dr. G. W. Ross showed a ease of very severe mercurial
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been introduced by Bennett, namely, the administration of atropine
promethazine codeine cough syrup uk sbs
logio patholoi;iqun sur nne rate paludiqvm. J. de med.
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cattle have been observed in the Black Forest, in Schleswig, Saxe- Weimar
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developed, well nourished multipara, 31 years of age,
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operate immediately the foreign body has been swallowed, as has been perhaps
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At last consent was given, and the operation revealed an adherent
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glia tissue. The latter crossed the section in different
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fistulae Dr. Jacobs had been compelled to resort to two
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tention of the State Chemist and the Dairy Commissioner to
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(17), etc. Their methods were different and their results do not al-
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Evidence is rapidly accumulating which leaves little room
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and of dense, stringy quality, white in color, adhering moderately,
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gangrene set in, and finally the foot was removed at the medio-
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the operation. Cjiiuilriluterai lliĀ»|>H were taken from
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prescribed, the best results can be obtained of which our present re-
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three weeks. It may last for a much longer time, however, if scratch-
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very prolonged and tedious recovery. Pancreatic calculi
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after the patient has been bitten and infected by a rabid
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