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count shows 78 per cent, polynuclear leucocytes, while 22 per cent, are
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The cystoscope and catheterization of the ureters may be employed in
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lapse of the chest "on that side, and two years ago disease of
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currently being evaluated in clinical trials. In addition,
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ulating the action of the stomach. In the course of two or three
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lies in the fact that many cases are ex]3lored surgically without
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so-called " constitution " is only an intensity of filth. In
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financial year for which the accounts are made up (1st June,
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pable of further development. Only as to the spores, which remain
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stomach is at the ensiform cartilage, the lower about two fingerbreadths
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est ex multis quse vocantur remediis specificis, quorum ortum, et
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clitoris or labia are involved, and it is impossible to say where the
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5. The skin becomes pale, cold, and often moist and
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less frequent, on account of the latent state of the diathesis, it will
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A., an unmarried woman, was accused of having made an attempt
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By C. P. Symonds, Assistant Physician for Nervous Diseases. Guy's Hospital.
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1414. Pleurisy may become chronic, from the acute form be-
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normal. Addison's disease, both in early stage, both nor-
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mesocolon, which, in its left posterior portion, was extremely
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New Jersey, Jersey City. . . .June lyth to 23d .... 10
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20. Palmer RM J, Ferrige AG, Moncada S : Nitric oxide release accounts
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Treatment. — Cheadle * reports a cure by the free administration of
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blood examination and interpretation. As such it is deserving
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cordial mixture, at 4s. ; 3 vomits, at 2s. 6d. each ; 2 drachms of
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million in State funds had been requested for FY1978.

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