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potash. Mr. Bruce Clarke and himself, he said, had been

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says that the disease is communicable to all animals but man.

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blind, when she became unconscious for three days, the attack being preceded by vertigo and

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merous cases where the cranium has remained uninjured, and where

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be done by moving the tube to the right or left a distance corre-

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in migraine and other vascular heada,ches ; and Bellergal,

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of well-water polluted by cesspools. At present the exclu-

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of the bed, and occasionally attended with great soreness to

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The immediate cause of death is a subject of great practical as

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kept at least one bottle daily that has been sterilized at

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cavity formed by the ileum, the fundus of the bladder, and the folds

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say, affirm that organic disease exists, (v.) The mode of onset. An acute

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them, we not uncommonly find that remedies which, in every respect,

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gotten into the system. To obviate these and similar cavils,

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needle for at least two minutes. In a period varying

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in primates with surgically induced occlusion of the middle cerebral artery.

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Aters, .Joseph G. Leave of absence lor one month, October

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fessor of Materia Medica, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

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in which the cases strongly resembled appendicitis.

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alkaline solution of methylene-blue. The specimen is then

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angina, as it may shoot through to the back, round on either side, and up-

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