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to the site of the defect to be repaired, when by a still

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The substances which most easily undergo lactic and

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ney (W.) A report of some unusual cases of fracture and

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broad-spectrum antibiotics (including macrolides. semisynthetic

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lirious at times stupid, taciturn, and almost idiotic and at

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ninety degrees, the knees may be spread apart and the hips

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promise. Dr. Costello died in Paris on the 15th inst.

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limits for full payment with a fixed schedule of bene-

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14. Potocki. Revue Pratique d'Obstdtrique et de GyneVologie, January 20, 1912,

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to the boiling-point. While the ebullition contiuues, a measured quantity of

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of the nose. A dressing is applied for the twofold purpose of holding the

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Tracheotomy is by no means free from complications,

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' * A post mortem examination made the following morning re-

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the important and interesting facts described by the author. As a

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in 1864, and that no facts tending to implicate the manage-

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the foreign animal ; and again : " If a cow, say of the pure

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listen to the greater bronchi or the roots of the lungs, the stronger the

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nostril are seen to contract. The bacteriological examination of the

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the result of over-distention (iieberspannung) plus some

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in these cases there was no jaundice, but the leucocyte

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always without success. On the other hand, M. Trousseau states

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silver probe in fused nitrate of silver, thus obtaining

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sician of her married sister with whom she lived. Mrs. L

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and epilepsy. The irritability of the intercommunicating fibres takes

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Cunningham and J. R. Neely. J. N. Ally, of Lapwai, Ida., is president

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membrane of the pharynx and larynx is reddened, swollen

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section must be performed to give the patient a chance of his life. He was in

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fits to return in a patient who had been free for fourteen days. — Balint,

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one final. This, he said, would meet all necessary require-

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theory as to the causation of scurvy as a possible exphination of the

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cells were not very frequent in the lymph-vessels. I found only three

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thing that is likely to interfere with respiration,

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Upon close questioning I learned that in addition to the

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provided with a large stock of scientific instruments, it is to

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able to be kept a very long time in a cool place. A teaspoonful of it

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per cent. Hence the lower half of the bone is more often,

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severe night-terrors, deftecated involuntarily during them. As a

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the author says has generally escaped the attention of writers on

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[ve days in advance, enabled $7,000,000 worth of prop-

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efflorescence upon the skin, or introducing it into the cutis by means of a

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men who shout against dispensaries send well-to-do patients

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in some a train of evil consequences has been set in motion

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under all circumstances the most satisfactory, and certainly

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stood, even by tK# public. An example of this hereditary disposi-

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