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speakers must have misunderstood me. I tried to confine my remarks

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Ice cream is a frozen product made from cream and sugar, with or without

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have never made it without your guidance. I love you both.

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inflammatory patch described in one of my reported cases.

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Symptoms of general peritonitis set in soon after the opera-

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should demand for the community the same amount of charity

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The required work in gynecology consists of didactic lectures, section conferences, labora-

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depend upon the family physician for the history. An

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" 2nd. That after the birth of the infant, the uterus may

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which he could handle but smaller ones he could not.

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in respect to the influence of the continuous | bility remains the same,

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cation. Just before the arrival of the Doctor, the boy vomited, and

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comnjunity of St. Mary ol Honccsvalles in this country appears to have

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circumstanced is always the first and the most seriously to

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exists offers the best explanation of the occurrence of

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and has published the result of his labors in the *' Annales d'Hygeine

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failing in making our diagnosis at a sufficiently early

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tion, and enlargement of the blood-vessels, hypertrophy, and more or

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food and water, that may be germ laden, enters the body. Then, too, it

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and he could not explain how the same agent (electricity)

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Clinical History. — The duration of the incvhation period is from three

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taxation of the city of Cleveland comes by direct taxation

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the breech, and in endeavoring to extract the head came

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Onondaga (semi-annual, Syracuse) ; Boston Society of Medi-

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tion, there naturally occur some parts to which criticism might be

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much of it uncooked, with his fingers, thereby affording an

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phenomena in the animal economy, that are connected with mus-

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recently, the eye had become sensitive to touch, and occasionally

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domen at the navel, and entering the left branch of

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or consecutively, attended with nimierous dust-like specks

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association in re-admitting Dr. Bliss to membership. The association claims

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fact was readily tested, and proved to be correct ;

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