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(In regard to the inspection of these parts see the section, Character

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leaves are very deeply toothed, somewhat resembling

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of the county." Drs. Gould and Jarvis were appointed a com-

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idly three times through the Bunsen flame, covered with

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and Barlow and by Still. The inflammation seems to limit itself to

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sinuses, getting rid of sequestra, etc., which may go on

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A Clinical and Pathological Study of the Rash of Scarlet

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were promoted, particularly those of the liver, which

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emaciation, but no diarrhoea, and at no time were the faeces

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having taken for his own a knowledge of basic principles, he is equipped to pursue

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pupil. He had intolerance of light, profuse lachrymation, and slight pain,

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Although within the last few years a large literature

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joints. Both were subjected to gradual corrective treatment by Billroth brackets

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sufficiently thick to intercept the radiations. {Medical Week,

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of their application to open wounds, the latter subjects being rabbits.

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Exper. XI. — On applying her fingers to the window, she

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cosis, because no tetanus is produced by a rapidly interrupted induced

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regimental hospital cannot be opened, the surgeons in communica-

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tents, and, accordingly, he never gave cinchona. He

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students of heredity and evolution are, and have been, very few

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heat applied in the process of incineration is not very intense, a

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condition by the transmission of a morbid impression from remote re-

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104, rigors, vertigo, vomiting, no mastoid signs, albumin one-sixth. Operation :

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the clerks of the county societies an able and important circular,

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so that finally we have at least 50 per cent of women with definite

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