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hydrates. This is probably best done by allowing the patient a weighed

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being 4 to 5 months old, wonld be so appalling that I am glad

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c Bureau of Animal Industry, Bulletin No. 7, published in 1894, p. 87.

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Seiler T, Wollensak J: Myopic photorefractive keratectomy with

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Dr. T. was thefe. On arriving at J;he house of the patient, I inquired

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remnant of his myelitis, but they are more probably de-

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in the present and prove suggestive for the future. Men and women

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the series comprised 107 cases, but five of these subsequently caused

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organization of the City and State, as well as the School Board. Since

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aflfeciion. We must not confound diph- ^^tion of the heart.

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has extended into the main bile ducts. It is evident that the

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bered that early in the development of our knowledge

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microorganisms have been introduced from the urethra they would have been

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fore this society in 1889. The adhesion was between the

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by injury to the medulla. Amelioration of the symptoms can be ob-

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monia in Michigan during the first five months (rf 1904, and its

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the sex of the fetus in the last months of med. des enf.) defines defectives as children

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amples of the degeneracy of the homeopathic colleges

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There were no other nominations except for the office of

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ments in animals the inference would seem justifiable that a persist-

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The muscular layer of the anterior abdominal wall is not

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sea trip used to see rainbow colours around lights, etc., the pupils

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tration by lymphatic elements ; ordinarily the glandules seem distributed

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The special varieties of goiter due to degenerative changes are the cystic,

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Woods, Oscar W., contract surgeon, now under treatment at the U. S.

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