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rise to the greater fixity of the limb at the time when hopes

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(b) A Certificate of having, after obtaining the M.B., B.C/i.,

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cous membrane invites the spread of the false membrane ; the de-

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don). The patient was a cliild, aged two and a half

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frequently to swelling than to ulceration of the vocal cords ; the tume-

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and with our freest opportunity of observing and study-

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tion of power in the motor nerves below, since nutritive changes in

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In Od. 9.523 aion is coupled with psyche as Odysseus tells the

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had a perforation or rui)ture existed there would have probably been no

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TJeber die Pathologie des Klun]i)fusses, und iiber die Be-

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gress of the disease — and it seemed to do so, as it made no appreciable

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is all the more likely, as dog^sfat is a popular remedy for consumption,

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they were explained as retinal blood-corpuscles. Dr.

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conjunction with the damaged condition of the nerves

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ra6d., Par., 1896, xliii, 985. — C'hantemesse & Widal.

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and which may be designated as nerves of respiration, are the portio

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the nose. The bean may swell, making an effort to dislodge it par-

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de Par. (1883), 1834, vii, 31-42.— Finlayson (J.) Unusual

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inclination to lie on one side, in preference to the other,rnore or

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performing internal urethrotomy proper drainage was ob-

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claws in some forms. The coxa is about twice the length of the

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by the hand placed over it, the patient was forced to breathe through the

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and insubstantial " (Bernard Hart). (Note the distinction from

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be unimpaired, the appetite keen, even voracious, but the rule is that

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11. With regard to the conducting faculty of the spinal marrow, observation goes to

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hysteria. We should bear in mind that along with facial

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licensed, and therefore a properly qualified, class of women for

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is in extensive practice in the city of New York, similar views are ex-

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1869, exhausted, restless state; abdomen greatly distended; lower extremities OBdeas-

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