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were in vain therefore to limit the term aneurysm according to the number
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paratus for administering it, apparatus every day put in use, and
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an antacid in gouty or rheumatic diathesis and as a veliicle to administer the
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or to advice and encouragement alone. Except when going
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Mastin, of Mobile ; '• Treatment of Vesical Calculus in
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eff'usion, but the heart's action was very feeble, and occasionally
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the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, the Glasgow Credit
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296, ( iolloid cancer, k ppeaiance of the fibroin areoUe filled with cancer-celle.
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cent.; sometimes they are higher, rarely lower. The large mononu-
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The Ancient Physician's Legacy to his country. Being
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ments I made ; at this time a siunmary will sufiice.
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examination all the proteins of the food have been saturated by the acid.
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necessarily fatal, nor dangerous. It is only serious
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these are the cases of Laennec cirrhosis with unusually large
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are congregated, hence frequently it is from such that I find cases of
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forms of Syphilis. — (Gaz. des Hop. Dublin Journal.)
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as a remedy for a symptom, except natural food and drink, is a drug or medi-
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in deciding the question of amputation in the lower ex-
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a Snook type of apparatus, with rotating rectifier, with which I am acquainted,
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Johns Hopkins University, 8 of Yale, 5 of Harvard, and
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and one-half feet thick. In order to prevent air-leakage
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the most valuable article of the class, and may be administered either
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vegetable matter is prepared for the sustentation of carnivorous
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instance a man recovered after having taken twenty grams of the , u
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shorten the disease or improve the symptoms — quite the contrary. Yet
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independent of this effect, it powerfully abates irritative hardness and
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ponding degree act as a means of distress, broncho- than upon lobar pneumonia, and
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quent examinations, I saw no instance of the manifestation of ill humor.
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reduced the quantity of urine in three days from 6-8000
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Cohnheim lays special stress upon the presence of micrococci in the
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The indications of cure are, to remove all obstructions from
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pulmonary vesicles were no greater in emphysema than the enlargement
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tient of his with hystero-epilepsy had recently had as many as

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