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applying wet cloths to the naked body as in rubbing in an ointment or
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is considered with regard to its cause, its geographic distribu-
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mofe af^nopriately considered after we have made ourselves fcmilmr
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the points of elimination — namely, in the lungs, kidneys, and
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broken), whether there is an effusion of blood or not; it is within the statute,
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The terminations are, 1*^, recovery, with gradual repres-
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tal region extending from the fissure of Ro- reaction to light exists to a very slight de-
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is not of itself an indication of insanity to be given up to
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after smoking. Dull mental hebetude often alternates with outbursts
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few restrictions as regards certain articles of food, her .
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This paper was read before the Soci^t^ M6dico-Fsychologiqne, and pive rise
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able to explain why some diseases, formerly unknown, have arisen in
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removed, and it behooves us carefully to investigate its causes. I have
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which the surgeons of that time had most frequently to deal
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in the urine by the average Bengali was about 6 grammes per
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ble depends upon the way in which it is done) it is probable,
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pleasant scent of which will speedily evaporate on exposure
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can we expect from the registration of the closely guarded secrets of-
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unprejudiced form, as in the paper to which we refer. — London Lancet.
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new particulars connected with the purfuits and writings of the
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have increased my business 50%. Now that " ain't to be sneezed
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Jefferson Medical College, A Four Years' Course at 119
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following observation made by him : In the spinal cord of one of the species
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the start, then we will have just as good results as are
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right ear, and who was suddenly seized with persistent vomiting, extreme
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be well made out ; the character of the mental symptoms is
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is unnecessary to discuss its advantages over all inferior

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