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from a case of a variety of this disorder, in which the sensibility is
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Cuvier writes — "the form of bodies is more essential to them than the
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Latest age for pregnancy. Fecundity. — Dr. Duncan concludes, from his
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My own im])ression3 may be described shortly, as much of what
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examining fingers from the root of the foetal nose anteriorly
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pepsinfibrinpeptone-beta of Siegfried, and a mixture of abiuret products
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of volumes. The work will be unique in the history of medical literature^ not only by reason of its international
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intense ansemia of pregnant women, all of which ended fatally.
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stones to be impressed that the efforts of wrote in 1896, had seen 2800 cases, says:
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sanity" the acts must be judged of by the motives, the motives
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Raspini's stypti<\ This has often been known to put a stop to
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copious prolusion will form the sole basis for diagnosis and
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£ IB independent position, or about imaginary troubles. The period of life
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and in repairing the loss consequent upon said inflammation, the
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Madison avenue on the 17th of December, 1889, the following communi-
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being human flesh, poisoned, etc.) ; or on a supposed state of the throat,
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the chill has come on aftier a ftiU meal or after eating indigestible food,
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colic is caused by an irritant in the intestinal canal, and
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but to make the thermometer any shorter would be to make
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Statistics in Some One Locality in the Island of Cuba ; "
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peutic action of these valerianates, and finish what I
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tion of uric acid in the blood constitutes the condition called uriccemia or
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taken in church, and was simply a shadow. He sat in the
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beyond surgical aid, and within a few hours after the on-
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the facilities of the Clinical Center. Social work intervention has
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with no result." Her history is as follows: She is a native of

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