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lumlKtijOy in the intercostal musdes j)leKro(ff/nia, and in the neck
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with institutions that do not carry such overhead. The
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The little place Lustnau has been free from scarlatina for nine years,
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the nursing of her infant will be facilitated and drainage
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uterus and vagina showed numerous streptococci, but blood
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the cells are round or oval, and separated from one another by a dense
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How to harmonize the above objections I do not know, for it
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verse process too tar posterior exaggeration movement.
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a little manipulation. Both conditions of the heart*— namely,
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greatest frequency between the fourth and tenth years ;
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treated to a lavish expectoration by midwives in certain parts of the
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things I would have suspected in Dr. Ray's case would have been a
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P^G. 1. — Four semilunar valves in the pulmonary artery. One of the two larger
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three varieties of the malady were each well presented.
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present. Dr. Griffiths said he had seen one case of pleu-
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how vague and on the whole how apocryphal all these influences are. The
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of any morbid change attributable to it. In the blood, animalculas
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urgent tenesmus, small discharges of solid, hard feces being effected
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this precipitate with a solution of carbonate of sodium, which dissolves
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confounded with paralysis agitans. There are, in fact, records of two cases
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tions that none of us will attempt to answer, though an expert
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Society was held at Hampton, Iowa, April 11, and the follow-
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of urological interest. Many of the papers are profusely
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experience in more than three thousand confinements. Some
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distinguish animals raised under shelter and with great care from
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generally done, will assist in abating the vomiting. Placing
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brought forward, showing that sugar does not belong to the
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method recommended by Walker,^^ while a certain proportion
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or both sides, fixing the prostate and sometimes the seminal vesicles,
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I invited several physicians to see it. Dr. A. N. Bell examined it with
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difference pH inside minus pH outside or pCl outside minus pCl
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