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bo forfeited, and he shall be sul>ject thereafter to all
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He was rather a coadjutor than a consultant. (6) Spe-
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Work of the State Medical Society and representatives of
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that it is not surprising to learn that they produced very
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a free secretion of ossific matter takes place within
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often within circumscribed districts, and not infrequently does not extend
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The post-mortem examination revealed adhesions of the liver, stomach, heart and lungs to
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that in a week the patient could see during the whole day, and
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the respiratory rate far beyond the normal, in relation to the pulse and
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tients, particularly in those with a relatively long life expec-
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cultures and cultivating it on agar-media, on which it multiplies rapidly.
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been isolated from infected individuals. Working with these I
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ing Surgeon to the Wills Eye Hospital. 1906 Chestnut St.
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As to the effect of chronic endocarditis upon pneumonia. Hay states
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3-20, Aiso, Reprint. AZso ; Wien. med. Bl., 1888,
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manner as in the treatment of chorea minor. It is seldom of value
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6 Ham ill : Femoral Aneurysm of (?) Bheumatic Origin
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diphtheria are interesting. Among 714 cases dying of diphtheria
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tendencies. Observe usual precautions in impaired renal or
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simple. The usual antiphlogistic means are required, with
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Case 7. — Cancerous Tumour groivlnr/ from the upper part of
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gulated by a ligature. Schleich had employed it in perform-
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ized persons, but claims that these dangers are insignif-
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cytosis, and leukopenia). Also aplastic forms without megaloblasts and with a yellow
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held by what seemed so marked an exception to what I had
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reputation and the paper which bears his signature, the
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is apt to be followed by the conviction that impotency exists, and, prac-
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in a state of cicatrization ; but, about three inches
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coat ; hide bound perhaps ; faulty or weak at work ; sweats
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cases of central disease, in which nerve-stretching
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little sugar and a fifth of its weight of water, gives you the very
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