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those who have had mild attacks from a small dose of poison

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says : **An arrangement which works here in New York is a combi-

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X-ray picture showing complete destruction of the first phalanx, except at

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Demonstralot of Microscopical Histology and Assistant to the Chair of Clinical Diseases of the Nervous

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active symptoms have been indicated at their respective residences by

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Immediately after the death of the animals the bladder was exposed,

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susceptibility to the disease. Of late years this dogma has met with

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accord with the description of acute anterior poliomyelitis as now given ;

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matriculation. And it would also be desirable that he

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two words. This is not the usual arrangement in dic-

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Figs. 9 to 13. Affections of the shaft and distal ends of the metatarsals.

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from tlie vital fluid ; that the character of the pulse cannot be

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Moore in his Life of Lord Byron states : " Lord Byron when at Venice was seized

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consistency. Aortic valves reveal a few patches of thickening

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few cases have occurred until now, and none of them have

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of ac S ignition.' In reference to tobacco-leaves, which during manufectar.

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which the face and chin seemed to have sunken. With the

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and therefore aggravates the existing conditions. The first rational step in treatment

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' It will not be generally accepted as proved that Addisonian aufemia is due to increased

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term anteversion of the uterus. Yiewed in its relation to the axis of

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children. Dr. Murray mentioned an instance in whic^h the

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phenomena in the animal economy, that are connected with mus-

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be expected. The above consideration, though it goes beyond the

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form a collection of preparations, both of the healthy and

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fleet downwards from Cawnpore to Benares, from August 27

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tion of the drum. The cast removed on the fifth day

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"Premarin'' and "Emmenin", the origination of which figures

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