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intending radiologists will feel it essential to obtain the diploma
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lassitude, debility, and drowsiness, and that they all become paler in com-
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Phila. Co. M. Soc, Phila., 1895, xvi, 104-116. . The
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Subscriptions will be invited later for the souvenir vol-
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part assigned to it was unphysiological ; and cases were observed in
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treatment the maxillary, like the mastoid antrum, should not be
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that we intimate to him that we cannot replace him on the
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Craig, Charles F. : Entamwha ietragena as a cause of dysentery in the
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lightfully remote. It lies in a large ravine that is overshadowed
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pletely, in an instant. Dr. Irwin, in his practice,
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Brunneer," "Uebor Wundsoharlach," Berlin. hUn. \Vochcn><chrijt, 1895, No. 22.
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tice to arrive at independent opinions as to the advisability of operation in a large majority of cases. It
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In regard to the prognosis. Dr. Knapp does not believe in the
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site the third frontal convolution, this region marches with the gyri operti,
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a small sum for their labor. They remain there as long as they
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instrument. In Reg. v. Ankers (Warwick Lent Assizes, 1845), a clean cut
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The use of drugs. — In all kinds of night terrors nerve sedatives are
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and free flushing. Here again the older pathology and experience may
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ondary position. The initial lesion rarely requires the knife,
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the wards for males has been rebuilt in stone and iron from the
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spasmodic asthma, but as a permanent disease it results from
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applied. Medicated flexible collodion is a cleanly, dry application.
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doubt It should then seem, need be entertained of the abi-
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must have happened, though of course he did not know their opinion,
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Fibula carious nearly throughout ; tibia diseased ; arteries
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caecum, an X-ray photograph will generally decide the question,
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ing in dislocation of vertebrae. In about three qaiarters of an inch
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blood thus accumulating within the stomach, if nt>t vomited, passes into the

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